This page contains full list of Media drivers available for free download. Drivers including: USB2.0 TV BOX, AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture (C115), AVerMedia M113 PCI Analog TV (JAPAN), etc. The drivers in this category is updated weekly, you can always download the latest Media drivers for Windows 8 64 bit here!

Media for Windows 8 64 bit Drivers Download

Device Name Drivers Drivers Download
USB2.0 TV BOX2Download
AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture (C115)2Download
AVerMedia M113 PCI Analog TV (JAPAN)2Download
Hauppauge Nova-DT Dual DVB-T Tuner Device2Download
Hauppauge Nova-DT Dual DVB-T Tuner Device (+IR)2Download
AVerMedia A700 PCI Hybrid DVB-S2Download
MSI DIGIVOX mini III2Download
MSI DIGIVOX Duo2Download
WinFast DVR3100 H (XC3028)2Download
AVerMedia A707 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT/DVBS2Download
AVerMedia M789 PCIe Pure DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A750 PCIe DTMB2Download
AVerMedia M788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/ATSC2Download
AVerMedia HC83 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A188O PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A188 PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A188 PCIe Analog2Download
AVerMedia A177 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A707 PCIe Pure DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A701 PCIe Hybrid Analog/DVBT, Combo DVBS2Download
AVerMedia M789 PCIe Dual DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A188 PCIe Pure DVBT2Download
AVerMedia M799 PCIe Hybrid SBTD-T2Download
AVerMedia HC83 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC2Download
Mwave SoundBlaster Compatibility2Download
Compaq TV Tuner2Download
REALTEK 2832U + 2836 Device2Download
DVB-T UB383-T2Download
Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-S-USB22Download
AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC2Download
AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT2Download
AVerMedia A327 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC2Download
Creative SoundFont Synthesizer2Download
AVerMedia A855 II USB DMB-TH2Download
AVerMedia A577 ExpressCard Hybrid DVB-T2Download
AVerMedia A307 PCIe Hybrid NTSC/ATSC2Download
AVerMedia M787 PCI-e Pure Analog2Download
AVerMedia A306 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T2Download
AVerMedia A577A ExpressCard Analog TV2Download
AVerMedia M787 PCI-e Hybrid DVB-T(HW Encode)2Download
AVerMedia A825 USB Dual DVB-T2Download
LITEON TT1260DA2Download
AVerMedia E534 (ExpressCard, DVB-T)2Download
Philips SPC620NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPZ3000 PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC630NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC1330NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPZ5000 PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC520NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC1000NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC1030NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC530NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC1300NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC640NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Philips SPC2050NC PC Camera; Audio (Microphone)2Download
Pinnacle PCTV 110i Capture Device2Download
KWorld ATSC 110 Hybrid TV2Download
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 67xx Capture Device2Download
Creatix SAA7131, Hybrid Capture Device 12Download
Creatix SAA7131, Hybrid Capture Device 22Download
Creatix SAA7131, DVB-S Capture Device2Download
KNC ONE GmbH SAA7134, Hybrid Capture Device2Download
Cinergy 400 TV Capture (MK2)2Download
AVerMedia TV Tuner Card, M156 (PCI, PAL/SECAM/FM)2Download
AVerMedia A827 USB Hybrid DVB-T2Download
AVerMedia A827AC USB Pure Analog2Download
AVerMedia A827A USB Pure Analog2Download
Logitech Mic (IM/Connect)2Download
Angel II MPEG Device2Download
Angel MPEG Device2Download
Realtek X-Fi2Download
Dell Digital TV Receiver (Audio)2Download
Dell Digital TV Receiver (Analog)2Download
AVerMedia H826D USB Pure ATSC/QAM2Download
AVerMedia H826 USB Hybrid ATSC/QAM2Download
WinFast ExDTV2300 H2Download
WinFast PxDTV2300 Hm2Download
WinFast PxDTV2300 H2Download
WinFast HDTV200 Hm2Download
WinFast ExDTV1300 T2Download
WinFast ExTV13002Download
WinFast HDTV100 m2Download
WinFast PxDTV1300 T2Download
AVerMedia A328 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DMB-TH2Download
MUSILAND M-Sword Digital2Download
MUSILAND M-Sword II 7.12Download
MUSILAND M-Sword 5.1/LT2Download
MUSILAND X-Sword 2496/LT2Download
DMB-T MiniStick2Download
Tunebite High-Speed Dubbing2Download
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