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MD5 Summary:  496817ea805367507736f8b65f450b57

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  • DELL,SRV,SW,OEM-ID,1.0,A00 Installer
  • 3.1.01
  • 2014-02-15
  • 2.67MB
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
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  • DELL,SRV,SW,OEM-ID,1.0,A00
  • A00
  • 2013-02-20
  • 164KB
  • Not Applicable


'OEM ID' for 12G OEMReady.


******************* "Cust" ( Customer ) exe *******************
1) Ensure system is already Debranded and the file is for your platform.
2) Note any iDRAC user settings that are important for your specific usage. 'Reset iDRAC to Default Settings' is needed for this installation and will set iDRAC user settings ( outside Identity Module) to revert to Std Dell Defaults.
1) Ensure Identity Module's exe file does not have "BSU" ( Board Service Util) in its file name.
2) Extract .pm from the zip pack exe.
3) Login to iDRAC web GUI , navigate to 'Update and Rollback' link on left pane.
4) Using 'Firmware Update' tab, browse to the "Cust" .pm file and upload it.
5) Under the 'Update Details' section, select your .pm file. Ensure 'Current' and 'Available' revisions are as expected.
6) Click 'Install' button.
7) Go to 'Job Queue' tab and wait for your install job to change from 'New' to 'Completed'.
8) Navigate to 'Troubleshooting' link on left pane. Click on 'Diagnostic' tab on right.


Fixes: BIOS DUP upgrade issue ( on linux OS , when updating one system at a time) for Factory shipped OEM Ready System.
Added '1 to many' install support for OEM ID ( using PM DUP).

Applies to:

Identity Module


External OEMR R720xd

Previous Versions:

No previous version available.

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