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SONY Mouse and TouchPad Driver Update

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    • To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications be
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    • Mouse and TouchPad Driver Update Installer
    • 3.1.01
    • 2014-02-15
    • 2.67MB
    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
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    • Mouse and TouchPad Driver Update
    • N/A
    • 2003-06-03
    • 1.07 MB
    • Windows® 95


    Download the TP3.EXE file to a temporary or download directory (please note this directory for reference).
    Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click the TP3.EXE file to begin the installation.
    Click on the Unzip button to extract the files required for the upgrade to the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder. If a message appears asking you to abort the unzip, click NO.
    After the files have been unzipped, click OK to close the "Successfully Unzipped" message box.
    Click on the Close button to close the Self-Extractor message box.
    Using Windows Explorer, go to folder C:\WINDOWS\TEMP.
    Find file SETUP.EXE and double-click on it to run the setup utility.
    Select "Express Setup."
    Restart Windows when prompted by clicking on the "Restart" button.
    The computer will show a "New Device" message that it has detected a new TouchPad on the PS/2 Port. Follow the setup prompts offered by the driver software, selecting the features you desire.
    When finished setting up the TouchPad, click on OK to close the Mouse Properties window.
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    This utility installs an updated Mouse and TouchPad driver.

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