This page contains the driver installer for Highpoint , the product series/models supported by this installer are: BIOS Download, Microsoft Windows Device Driver, Microsoft Windows 7 Device Driver Download, Microsoft Windows Vista Device Driver Download, RAID Management Utility, Linux Drivers, FreeBSD Drivers, etc. It is highly recommended you update your Highpoint drivers regularly in order to avoid conflicts, By downloading the latest driver helps you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer's performance.

Highpoint Drivers Download

Highpoint Driver Installer Supported Models:

Device Name Drivers Drivers Download
RocketRAID 231x SATA Controller12Download
RocketRAID 622 SATA Controller8Download
RocketRAID 174x SATA Controller8Download
RocketRAID 642 SATA Controller8Download
RocketRAID 644 SATA Controller8Download
RocketRAID 640 SATA Controller8Download
RocketRAID 620 SATA Controller8Download
HighPoint RCM Device7Download
HighPoint HPT3xx ATA RAID Controller6Download
RocketRAID 230x SATA Controller6Download
RocketRAID 2340 SATA Controller6Download
RocketRAID 2710 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2640X4 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2640X1 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2620 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2642 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 154x/1640 Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2720 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2711 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2722 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 2721 SAS Controller5Download
RocketRAID 152x SATA Controller5Download
RocketRAID 222x SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 182x/181x SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 2522 SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 2320 SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 2210 SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 2322 SATA Controller4Download
RocketRAID 2680 SAS Controller3Download
RocketRAID 2644X4 SAS Controller3Download
RocketRAID 3320 SATA Controller3Download
RocketRAID 3220 SATA Controller3Download
RocketRAID 3120 SATA Controller2Download
HPT371 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller2Download
HighPoint Rocket 100 Controller2Download
RocketRAID 3560 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3511 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 2760 SAS Controller2Download
RocketRAID 3540 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 2782 SAS Controller2Download
RocketRAID 3520 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 2740 SAS Controller2Download
RocketRAID 4211 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3530 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4320 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3320 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4520 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4311 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4322 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3410 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4522 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3510 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3522 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4310 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4210 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 4321 SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 3521 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 2744 SAS Controller2Download
RocketRAID 3220 SATA Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 2730 SAS Controller2Download
RocketRAID 44xx Series SAS Controller (Storport)2Download
RocketRAID 182x SATA Controller1Download
HPT372 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller1Download
HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller1Download
Rocket 15xx/1110 S-ATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3521 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3560 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4211 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3530 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4320 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4311 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4322 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3410 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3540 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4210 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4310 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3510 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 44xx Series SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3522 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 4321 SAS Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3511 SATA Controller1Download
RocketRAID 3520 SATA Controller1Download
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