This page contains the driver installer for Travelstar , the product series/models supported by this installer are: Travelstar Products, Travelstar 5K1500, Travelstar 7K1000, Travelstar Z7K500, Travelstar 5K1000, Travelstar Z5K500, Mobile Retail Kit, etc. It is highly recommended you update your Travelstar drivers regularly in order to avoid conflicts, By downloading the latest driver helps you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer's performance.

Travelstar Drivers Download

Travelstar Driver Installer Supported Models:

  • Travelstar Products
  • Travelstar 5K1500 drivers
  • Travelstar 7K1000
  • Travelstar Z7K500
  • Travelstar 5K1000
  • Travelstar Z5K500 downloads
  • Mobile Retail Kit updates
  • Travelstar 5K750
  • Travelstar 7K750
  • Travelstar Z5K320 drivers
  • Travelstar Z7K320
  • Travelstar 7K500
  • Travelstar 5K500.B
  • Travelstar 7K320 downloads
  • Travelstar 5K320 updates
  • Travelstar 5K500
  • Travelstar E5K500
  • Travelstar 5K250 drivers
  • Travelstar E5K250
  • Travelstar 7K200
  • Travelstar E7K200
  • Travelstar E5K160 downloads
  • Travelstar C3K80 updates
  • Travelstar 5K120
  • Travelstar 5K160
  • Travelstar C4K60 Slim drivers
  • Travelstar 4K120
  • Travelstar 7K100
  • Travelstar E7K100
  • Travelstar E5K100 downloads

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  • Driver Installer
  • 3.1.01
  • 2014-02-15
  • 2.67MB
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
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